I was just checking out a few things and I am getting into port scanners and the sort and I had a few questions. Also any advice give on where to start would be greatly appreciated thanks very much.

1) I scan the local ports and what not, I also have used the help files to get started but I was confused when I clicked on most of the open ports it shows a blank telnet screen like this:
Blank Telnet Screen

What should I do to be able to read or access more informaton?

I also have been able to access a FTP Service screen that looks like this:
FTP Service Telnet Screen

What is this screen used for and what other access points do I have?

I type in a few commands but it always sets up a USER and PASS like this:
USER and PASS Interface

What do I do to access the user names and passwords?

Also what do the numbers mean that are next to them?

I am sorry if this is in the wrong place I do figure this accounts as a newbie question. I am very new to this type of program and also Telnet and am looking to gain more information thanks ahead of time for any and all information furnished.

Thanks again

P.S. Love the website and forums ;\)