Not sure if you can but you might want to check these patents.

Trademark Office and 1 by the U.K. (GB2338101) for the Computrace Technology Platform. U.S. patent #6,244,758 covers an apparatus and method for monitoring electronic devices via a global network (including the Internet). U.S. patents #5,715,174 and #5,764,892 cover technology for locating an electronic device through the telephone network via a series of wired and wireless communication. U.S. patent #5,802,280 addresses an electronic device for sending signals to a remote station, such as a pre-determined telephone number at spaced-apart intervals of time. Several additional U.S. software patent applications are pending approval.

Z-trace is partners with HP and compaq. YOu just might be able to call them up and SE some useful info out of them.. example, "I bought this at an IT function and the guy siad he couldn't figure out how to get it off. He said it came with the machine. I want to remove it...."

One of the FAQ's from Z-trace's web site

5. Can zTrace be operational on a dual-boot system?
Yes when used with one of the Windows Operating Systems listed above.

/me wispers kill windows

12. How do I report my computer stolen to activate tracking?
You can report the theft by e-mail, telephone or fax, whichever is most convenient for you: call the toll-free number: (877) zTrace-2; send an e-mail to [email protected], or a fax to (617) 507-6489.

16. Can the user hear the modem when zTrace makes a call?
No - The modem speakers are turned off during the call.

pfft, just read here
might be useful

Number 19. Read number 19 and come up with a good SE. If you work for a smaller company and know who installed this stuff then try to think what they might have set as a password..
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