You don't have to be in a party to run.

Hillary changed parties to run.

this is all retarded, and none of us in America give a shit, i fail to see why other countries do.

"winning a state" means that they have a supposid "majority vote" in that state.

we get to vote, however, it's our senators and a select few whos votes really matter; our votes only count when there is a tie; which is fricken retarded.

You're an idiot if you think that "elected officials" actually *do* anything; yeh it seems like a conspiracy theory, but do your really think we'd just give bush that much power over that many nukes? never trust high explosives to a Texan... Think about this in your own countries, of all of the power... now think of this, would you allow just one person full reign of everything? shadow government my friend... your elected official is simply a scape goat and someone for you to yell at.
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