I have been going to this school and found out that they are paying for my Transcender subscription. When i go to log in it asks for my first and last name and site's login and my email.

On another side of this story i found out that the school is a scam! They first weren't going to give us our A+ and Net+ certifications and to make a long story short, most things that they did were shady.

My dilemma is this, I would like to keep using the Transcender class since they did pay for it and are not going to be able to use it but I dont know what they used as my login and i am going to drop out of the college and get my money back. I tried my email but that didn't work so i tried looking at the source to see if there was anything there but I found it is a Java script to log in and i don't know what to do for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!