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Fair enough that it is not the population but the few who stand to represent your nation. But how do they get away with being voted in twice when it was clear that they did not care for your country last time.
The president can only stand to represent with a majority, I mean you guys are still a democracy right? So if "Most of us Americans want to tell the rest of you to fuck yourselves" then how does that work?
Let us vote for your president smile

Okay this has always bugged me. America is not never has been nor ever intended to be a Democracy. A democracy is mob rule. A lynch party is a perfect example of a democracy. We are a democratic republic. We vote for representatives to speak on our behalf. To vote in laws on our behalf. This worked great for almost 200 years (1976).

With the advent of media (TV) the rules have changed a bit. People are susceptible top repeated messages. In the 1990's The branch of our government that controls TV, Radio Telephone gave away the farm. They allowed a few to gain control of all the media. So now if you are a multi billionaire running for office (most are) you pay off a few guys and get more TV time, radio Time, and news paper articles. Since many have gotten lazy and refuse to research a candidate before they vote, they think watching TV will inform them.

This puts us at today. The fact of the matter is, our country got away from us in 1913 with the radical change of our banking reinstitution. Before our money was based on Gold. If it still was today, a barrel of oil would cost about $3 maybe $5 The middle class would not loose money when saving money. This gave a select few a huge amount of power.

It also brought about us paying for our own slavery. Taxes. Before 1913 there was no such thing as taxes and still really there isn't as the supermen court ruled the Govt has no new tax powers. The whole world NOW is on a fractional banking system.

This banking system brings only one thing. DEBT. Arctic, where are you from? YOu probably have a centralizes bank all others report to. in our country, for every 1 dollar in their bank they can loan out 7. Sooooo

I go in and take out a loan for a car. Say $17,000 I put that money in the bank while I look at cars. They can now loan out $119,000 Money that never exists. The Federal Reserver (a Private bank people) creates this money as it is loaned out. But, they NEVER print the intrest. This mean someone has to fail. This is every country in the so called modern world.

So first we lost banks and entered slavery through taxes
Henry Ford - It is just as well people do not understand this country's banking system, for there would be riots in the street come morning if they did.

Next we started loosing rights to our own bodies. They tried to make alcohol illegal, made cocaine, heroin, marijuana illegal. My research led to an interesting find. The drug makers lobbied for this. That competition got tough, so the lobbied to make drugs illegal and then could send the law after their competition. Not to mention the price shot up over night.

The great depression which the Federal Reserve created only ten years after taking over wiped out any free banking institution. Gave the Fed more power. And a select few could buy up Cooperations and land for literally pennies on the dollar.

Next World war II where George Bushes Grand Father had assests seized for aiding Aldolf Hitler AFTER we were at war with them.
Many whom bought up land and Cooperations During the depression helped hitter out here and tried to install a Nazi precense in America. Went so far as to try and set up a coup. They contacted an American General who once he had everyones names went to Congress with them. Big fat nothing.

The Rockefeller's built their empire and now one is in congress.

Monsanto brought us Agent Orange, PCBs and now puts hormones in our cows that lead to cancer and fully developed 8year olds. They are now pushing dangerous Genetically modified foods.

The defense industries in this country are drive purely on war money and have a HUGE amount of power in this country (why we are always at war.)

The medical industry found new ways to make money. Require parents to inject their kids with various cocktails of crap and call it a vacine. Then come up with terms like ADD and require parents to get drugs to treat it. Since 1995 the number of kinds on psychotropics drugs has increased more than 100%. If that doesn't bather you, know one day this generation that had its minds altered for profit will be in charge.

So America the great, has been torn apart by greed, drugs and media. We are so divied a revolution is not possible. Sexism, Racism, fat vs skinny, all crap beamed to us 24/7

But I will say this. Socialism is not the answer. It sounds great, but it is the stuff dictators dream of. Nazism, Communism, Fascism are all socialist in nature. Every modern dictator uses socialism for a reason. It teaches the society, the needs of the Govt are more than the people.

In a democratic republic, a representative of the people CAN go against the masses for what is right. In socialism, the society does what the Govt says, period. It does not allow for revolution as a democratic republic does. Many socialists say, over time the Govt will fade away. When has anyone given up total power?

I think no govt is perfect. That any govt has to be stripped down from time to time. We missed our chance.it was in the 1960s to 1970s They have had a full 30 years to become more corrupt.

They center never holds, so if you build a govt for the people, be sure to build one that is easily torn apart by the people. Governments are more dangerous than any outside enemy. Allways have been.
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