Yes many more exists. Electronic voting is a farce designed to give you a false impression and improve efficiency in screwing vote results. Diebold is a CIA front company. They have edited just about every post on wikipedia dealing with electronic voting.

As far as vaccines go... Vaccines are based on 1930s science. It was thought that you get this shot, your body then builds anti bodies you are cured. Not so much. In cases of AIDS the antibodies are a sure sign of death. Anti bodies go along with a person becoming immune... But there is more to it. In cases of polio there is data to show that polio rises when vaccines are give.

What you will find is in these areas, that have more "false positives". The medical offices are directed to count less cases as being in fact pollio. There are MANY other vaccines where this is the case.

In Japan they were # 14 in infant mortality rates. They raised the age for vaccines from 3 months to age 5. They then had a mortality rate of almost 0. No more sids. No more autism.... Later they mored the age to 3 months old again and you can see the mortality, sids, autism rates shoot back up.

Vaccines contain things that are just plain bad for you.
  • Famaldihide
  • thermosille (no it isn't removed, Bush protected it.)
  • bits of aborted baby (yes they used aborted babies)
  • bits of animal tissue entering your ody bypassing normal entry means (you cold, take on new DNA)

So given some vaccine facts what has our govt done? Increased the amount of vaccines a child must have. Approve new ones. I have heard they are now looking at giving teen boys the HPV vaccine for mouth HPV. I mean come one. I suggest anyone who has children file a waiver based on religious belief in having your child vaccinated. The aborted babies used to cultivate growths can be your basis.
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