Child Labor Laws
The Socialist Party first advocated laws establishing minimum ages and limiting hours of work for American children in 1904. The Keating-Owen Act established such laws in 1916.
I know they're not likely to change because everyone feels bad for those poor kids with jobs, but I REALLY hate these laws. "Oh sorry, you're a little kid (I'm 15), so you can't get a job cuz people would feel bad about it!";"But I want some fucking money!!";"That's nice, we can't hire you till you're 16."

Social Security
The Socialist Party also supported a fund to provide temporary compensation for the unemployed in the late 1920's. The idea led to the creation of laws establishing unemployment insurance and the Social Security Act of 1935.
Social security is so stupid. If anyone took the time they could make more money than social security gives you, but there's no choice.

Don't mean to be bashing you jonconley, just mentioning a couple things. Thanks to whoever moved this to the "debates and rants" section
Those who say do not know.
Those who know do not say.