Responses to what you wanted done on certain issues Gizmo, seemingly fits well with Libertarian Party's platform


However, the answer to this problem lies not in cutting off immigration, but in cutting the services that immigrants consume. The right to immigrate does not imply a right to welfare -- or any other government service. Moreover, this is not simply a matter of saving tax money. The Libertarian Party believes that most government welfare programs are destructive to the recipients themselves. Thus, immigrants would actually be better off without access to these programs.
Not to mention the LP's ideas to reform and remove welfare altogether.

Privatize and cut taxes, get rid of income tax, stop bailing out industries, replace social security with private investments.


# Phase out all direct and indirect subsidies to foreign nations, foreign companies, and foreign citizens.
# Eliminate the double taxation of corporate profits.
# Eliminate regulations and mandates that make companies less competitive and cost jobs.
# Unilaterally end all domestic subsidy programs, trade barriers and tariffs.
# End government economic meddling that results in depressions and recessions that destroy jobs.
"The individual's right to privacy, property, and right to speak or not to speak should not be infringed by the government. The government should not use electronic or other means of covert surveillance of an individual's actions or private property without the consent of the owner or occupant. ...

We oppose all restrictions and regulations on the private development, sale, and use of encryption technology. We specifically oppose any requirement for disclosure of encryption methods or keys, including the government's proposals for so-called "key escrow" which is truly government access to keys, and any requirement for use of government-specified devices or protocols. We also oppose government classification of civilian research on encryption methods. ...