Haha, Sorry Gizmo.
I checked out Portland before looking into Seattle. There's a lot more work available up here. Besides, I'm from Washington originally, so moving back felt like going home. Not to mention that Seattle is known for a massive amount of rock concerts and interest conventions. Plus the number of Asians is far higher here. All great reasons to choose Seattle! Hey, I do go up to Oregon a lot since my family is there. I could start letting you know when I'll be passing through and stop by if you're not up to anything. You still have to get me that disc..

Thanks for heads up. I've already been looking at the 2600 group. Good to know about the PDX group since I was also looking at them. I found a few groups on meetup.com. How would I go about finding a 24 hr cyber cafe? XD I've been looking and asking ever since I got here. I don't want to take my equipment into a bar with a bunch of drunks tripping all over themselves, puking on everything, and Starbucks coffee sucks! Not to mention they want a monthly subscription.

(Off subject, but did you ever get your big screen TV replaced?)