Okay, so I'm participating in a research as a guinea pig. It pays well but there's a problem. I have to go in once a week for a few days. They have a firewall that won't allow me to connect to Lineage II (MMO of choice). The research is to find out how anti-depressants affect normal healthy people. However, if I can't game in those long days of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they're going to think one side affect is suicide. XD

Essentially, I get no caffeine, vitamins, exercise, chocolate, etc, etc. Well, there goes my diet. :P But I don't sleep much anyway. Afterall, I've got to expand my current knowledge of technology and still keep my Warrior fit! So, could anyone tell me a good way to connect to the server without losing too much bandwidth? The only time my game would be able to connect is night when all the youtubers are sleeping.

The only thing I currently am planning to try is a proxy server, but I fear that may slow things down too much for me to connect. Thanks for your advice in advance.