i recentley sent a mail to captin crunch the founder of the blue box there a while ago and he has told me that the digital services of viop skype and the likes of digital online communications have now beat out most of the phreaking scene but live here in the united kingdom i wouldnt know anything of the american phone system yet agian very little of my own but i was told that it has beacome almost obselette within the world of hpvc now from what it was back then in the early 80,s 90,s beacuse the telephone companys did not have the money to upgrade and the computer technology then to what it is now was not put into place due lack of money recorces but i would say that it is a handy trick to learn but skype ect has made things a lot easier for people now ????i know i know your dissapointed old skoolers are to they still try to keep things alive but if it hadnt ben for the phreaks really computer hacking into modems and boxing really there would not have been so many recorces on the telephone system and stuff they were they original like legion of doom lod on the net thy were phreaks to but it is dissapointing never the less
everyone i would like to say thankyou for all replys to my posts and taking the time to do so as i know that you could maybe be doing better things so agian thankyou and i do wish you a very good day...............................thankyou