White papers eh, I'll have to have a look at some, there any places you could recommend, or do I need to just look around?

My main idea of what I wanted to do was to be able to know how to break into Windows systems (NT based), either remotely or locally.

I've had a go for instance trying to find a way into a Vista system with local access (my own) without any password information etc, but have had no luck. The other side that I'm interested in is the remote access side, as I said before to protect against it, as far as you can, and I've had a look at a few old methods of how to gain entry to for instance, XP, but obviously these no longer work. For an example of something I'd be interested in doing, gaining access to a remote PC to plant files, possibly some sort of VNC app for remote control of said system.

Apart from just the white papers then, anything else that might help?