I ran into a new problem today. I decided to give in to the constant "update me" reminders from the msn live messenger program.
So i installed 2009 and all seemed well until I tried signing in. I couldn't sign in. I got no error (I'm running xpsp2) and so off it was to google.
After some searching I found that a lot of people were having problems with 2009. Like ALOT.
The problem is we get very little information when the sign in fails so it is hard to find the correct fix.
I ended up uninstalling msn live 2009 (which was harder than it shouod be), and reinstalling windows live messenger 8.5.

I am a bit confused as to what exactly happened after that. I just hate this fucking program but Ive used it for so long that it is to important to stop using.

Needless to say 8.5 is working. I am sure during my attempts at fixing 2009 I screwed something else up.