Well ubuntu is cool, but on 266Mhz and 98Mb of SDRAM is not going anywhere. Anyway, I gave up on Win2K, mostly because I was bored at work today and had nothing better to do, and tried different light distros that are recommended for old systems:

What I tried so far was: Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Wolvix and Vector Linux.

I decided to stay with Vector Linux mostly because it was able to configure pretty much everything during the install and comes with pretty much all I need already compiled. When you use an old system the less you have to compile, the better. Compiling takes FOR EVER. As an example, I spent one and a half hours to compile pidgin on Vector Linux and pidgin has like an 8Mb source.

Puppy Linux is very nice and fast, the only problem was that it doesn't like the laptop's cdrom and for some unknown reason wouldn't continue the install. Searched their forums, some other people have had the same problem but no one knows why. On a different box ran with no problems what so ever, fast and with a very nice GUI.

Wolvix site looks great, they have a great forum, but I couldn't get it to run, booted up on two different boxes but with no success. Errors during boot and then it freezes. I did not have enough time to take a closer look at it and figure it out, but it does look promising.

Damn Small Linux is also another light distro. As expected it ran very smooth, since it's under 100Mb. I like it but since their focus was to keep everything small and fast, some packages are out of date and it would require a lot of updating and compiling which just won't work for me.

I plan on trying Arch Linux and some other distros. Maybe I should start another topic with distro reviews.


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