It's been so long since I've used the SVideo output on the HTPC that I forgot I even had it setup on the SDTV lol; I thought the only cable plugged into it was the DSUB to the old HDTV that got busted...

I thought the hard part was the backup all of the data, shut down, move the hw to the back room, install linux and move back; but it seems to be getting Thundar (XFCE's file manager) to work how I assumed it should... Ended up installing Gnome just for Nautilus...

Everything seems to be up and running fine; other than the odd memorycheck loop that the system was preforming; it would just sit and choke once it hit the max ram and then restart the check... Just set the bios to do a quick scan (which was grossly mislabeled, darn you soyo!)

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