Well, that time is vastly coming, so it's time to divulge our Summer Plans...

Every summer we try to work on a large section of the site, in the past this has been vast code cleanup, new systems, etc.

This year, we'll be working on something a little bit different...

Most of you where planning to hear me announce that we where making plans to go forward on Dot Slash Hack, a video and text zine; however, this project will be pushed back (note that the design is about done, the domain is secured, so it's just waiting on time).

Instead, we'll be working on Go *nix, a resource dedicated towards helping users migrate from Microsoft Windows to Linux or Unix/BSD. The domain name has been finalized as GoNix.org and we've been working hard on the backend since project inception (ok, so I just thought to push forward with it this month).

This project will take some time to get rolled out and going, but my goal is to have a resource which will:
1. Allow users to quickly identify alternative software to Windows titles that they cannot live without while publicizing popular open source alternatives.
2. Allow users to have a resource of "new users to *nix" articles to help them navigate something that they may or may not be completely virgin to.
3. Help demystify *nix, a lot of distributions are simple to install and use for new users, and hardware driver issues on some system are a vast thing of the past.

I plan for the new site to be both xHTML and CSS valid like all of my designs; however I'll be ensuring Section 508 compatibility.

I haven't yet looked for assistance on the project, but I am open to any ideas from anyone who has input for the project.

Well, that's it for not, I hope that you all look forward to this project as much as I have.
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