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I love it!!!
I'm glad, I'm really hoping that it'll have a good symbolic relationship with my network of sites in general; it should increase traffic all around as well as give us our first real "drive" project that we've had in a while.

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I rarely need to use windows for anything now a days.
You're a good example, what all DO you rely on your windows install for? I need to find users who "HAVE" to use windows to find out WHY they do and WHAT is holding them back...

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Im starting to get better
I'm glad, I've been really worried about your health since your surgery (well, since everything ultimately), I try to check in on you every now and again, but you've been busy lately I suppose...

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let me know if I can do anything!!
A lot of the stuff that I'm working on right now is the initial coding. Usually I'd ask for help on data entry, but on the parts I'm working on right now the code is relying on the content being entered (fly by the seat of my pants baby!) to pull the system together (on how i plan for it to work).

I'm always open for input, so just let me know what kind of "open source" or "Linux/Unix/BSD" site you'd like to see...

I need to eventually have someone go out and look for some good Linux Articles to put on the site...
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