Oh, BTW, I'm about half way through the data entry phase of the Software Alternatives script. I'm also 95% done with the Admin UI for it as well; all that's left is the submission approval section, which can't really be tested until the front end has been worked on.

I'm planning to finish off the Admin UI this weekend, then work on the front end next week. This is JUST for the one section (the main, software alternatives).

I plan to have a section for articles and video articles at a later date. I also plan to have a Distribution list (well, most common distributions for the time being) as well as a package list which can list common/popular linux packages (basically like the software page, only dedicating itself towards a list of linux packages vs listing things as alternatives).

I may put a books section in so users can recommend books to other users as well...

After that, I'm drawing a blank on what else to add... It shouldn't be hard at all to maintain with the systems I'm building; it's all pretty straight forward once you access the admin ui.

And for note, I've still yet to really give the site design much thought; I know how I want the systems to display, but the design itself i haven't the faintest...

I think for the first couple of rough drafts of all systems, I'll just leave it as a basic crap design (you know, how most linux script distribution pages are) then refine it as we go...
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