2 new things that I am having to deal with.

I can not show hidden files. The option in view, advanced settings are there but it reverts back to "Do not show...".

Second thing is that I can't access any Microsoft websites. I only noticed that when I was trying to upgrade MS livecam software. All other websites work.

In conclusion: I really need to format and upgrade to WIN7. Which I will do as soon as a service pack is made available.
Until then I am still on XP SP2.

There are a few fixes for these problems out there.
I am not willing to go into the registry and change values, (one of the fixes) as that usually creates more problems but it seems like the easiest one.

As for unable to access the MS website and extensions. Meh.

I downloaded NOD32 anti virus and it is slow as.

Regmech, Spybot S&D, I have used and they do not fix these 2 problems. I have a feeling Spybot isn't working that well these days.

Can send you a HJT log if you are interested.