Yeah, def sounds like you're infected. I would use only 3rd party browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer is easily exploited. I've had better luck with Mozilla Firefox. As a temporary solution try going to Start -> Run, "msconfig" [ok]. (Keyboard shortcut Windows+R). Msconfig will have a "startup" column, thats one of the more common ways a virus will start itself up. I would just use the "disable all" nothing in their is needed and if there was something that you notice you were accustomed to that is no longer starting up, it would be easier to find... Don't believe anything that claims to be a "Microsoft" program. There is a company SysInternals, which is now owned by Microsoft... They make a utility called AutoRuns, and it is much more in-depth -- if msconfig doesn't cut it, try that. Really though, unless you disassemble the virus after locating it and having confidence that you know what it did, I'd backup your data and re-format.