OP may not find this useful anymore, but for the rest of the folks looking for the parts out of the "123 Robotics Experiments..." book, here's a bit of info:

The 16 pin resistor DIP is common part number 4116R-1-221. Please note that that's a six, not a "G". Here's a breakdown of the part number.
-"41" is the model.
-"16" is the number of pins.
-"R" is the physical configuration (R is a thick film low profile config).
-"1" is the electrical config. 1 is isolated, 2 is bussed, 3 is dual terminator.
-221 is the resistance code, almost like you would read off an individual resistor's color code. The first two numbers are significant and the last number is how many zeros follow the two sigs (so 221 is 2-2-one zero, or 220 ohm).

Here's the datasheet for that DIP: http://download.siliconexpert.com/pdfs/2007/10/01/isys/bos/4100r.pdf

Essentially what you're looking at is eight 220 ohm isolated resistors in a fancy little package.

As for the CKN9009 button, yes, a switch is a switch. The specific button is here - digikey's part number even matches, but there's a list of other part numbers this little guy goes by:


It's just a tiny four pin through hole mount momentary button. If you've ever seen the latest arduinos, their reset button is the same type.