I'm running vista now after a clean reboot. I decided to format and go vista because I'd fucked up XP SP2 with just general tweaking etc over the years.

The bugs and viruses are gone but the computer restarts, BSOD and freezes for no apparent reason. This started happening during the last month of XP after a new power supply unit was installed.

I would have thought the computer restarted cause of overheating but I'm not sure why the freezing.

Any ideas? I might need new or more ram. (Currently 2gb DDR3)

I thought formatting and upgrading to Vista would solve the shutting down and freezing problem. Sounds like hardware.

Could be RAM
I don't think it is the CPU.
Started happening when the PSU was replaced.
I don't think it is the mobo

I do think it might actually be the graphics card which is hot and usually the computer freezes when I am loading a video. (But not always).

What to do?

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