These people really are fucking nuts. I had family around there, they've already rebuilt their house from the frame up and are running off of propane. It doesn't take much to get up and going again. It's the laziness today, everyone wants everything without doing anything. While I think the gov't should've pulled off a lot of the help sooner, there are a few points to clear up. You get the check or the trailer, not both. The shelter charge $200/month. The thing that really gets me pissed off though is the fact these people bitching about money aren't even trying for jobs. EVERY business is hiring in N.O. right now. Burger king will START you off at $12/hour, plus $500/month bonus just for working there. That's the LOWEST paying job. The wages before the storm at burger king was the minimum 5.15/hour. I honestly wish there would've been a lot more bodies found and a lot less people bitching about money.
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