It may very well be the mobo.
After a friend got a new computer, I got his old ram and put it into my machine. His ram wouldn't register. I just got this continuous beep on start up. I tried every combo in the available 4 slots.

ANYWAY, I just went back to using my original 2GB of ramm (2x1GB) and since that day the pc has not restarted or froze or BSOD.

The pc registered only 1 of the sticks of ram at first and I thought that meant the other one was bust. Just then I put the supposed bust ram into another slot and it is registering. Currently I am using 1.5GB of Physical memory and no system shutdowns are occuring.

SO it was either the ram or the mobo?

I think the problem is solved. Will keep you guys posted if I run into any errors.