I've never spoke out about this topic. Where I live, drugs are very common, so very much so use to it and it's no big deal. I won't say I haven't tried and it's interesting but I grew out of it. Ok once in awhile i'll drink because i'm at a party, don't have to pay hey it's fun... That's very rare, I had a time I would drink more often then i realized it was dumb... Then weed, if you really think of it, it's such a waste of time... What are you escaping? I mean it's like when I sleep, eventully I wake up and realized wow wtf it's already 6, what's going on huh and I feel all was wasted in my daze. Now I just save my money and go movies or food etc. Cigarettes are a different issue, I don't like them, but I smoke once in awhile. It's not taste, to be cool or anything just feels good especially when stressed but I hate how it sucks me in. I can quit and start whenever so eh... Drugs are over rated I guess... People asked me should we legalize weed, well I don't know, I see the pros and cons. Pros is gangs might slowly drop off, won't be as many... That's what happened to the mobs when alcohol was legalized again. Cons are imagine risks of car accidents etc.

Sry was a long one but eh
"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"