I've been asking around, and people have been very helpful. But I still haven't decided.

He is my situation: On Thursday Apr 10, I will have about 850 dollars to spend on a pc. However it is bought/built, it has to be put together/shipped in my room by Apr 16. (I'm going to a lan party, and I am sick of having to use my shitty pc.)

Anyone have any suggestions as to parts to buy, and where to buy them? It will basically be a gaming pc. As for CDROM, I am going to go with a DVDROM instead. And, a shitty video card for right now because I'll buy a better one later. A motherboard is what I need help with most on. If all else fails, I'm going to Azzo PC and try to bargain with them, or fuck it, I'll get a dell. Thanks.