Hi everyone none of you will know me because i basically signed up to this forum just to be included in this debate cos i reckon its well interesting. Most of you obviously seem to be from america so maybe my contirbution has less relevance as i come from england and the drugs culture i think is quite different nonetheless it might be interesting.
I live in the south of england in a very remote tightnit culture of drug takin, we have all been smokin weed for aobut 3 years or so and i dont think i have not had at least one spliff for less than a week during that time, on average its prolly every other day.
A couple of years ago we all started taking lots of other drugs aswell cos thats what the people older than us were doing at it seemed fun. Consequently i have taken a few different drugs, not loads, but quite a few and actually i reckon that the constant use of cannabis has been the far most damaging thing to me.
I think when the government are campainging against drugs in america and enlgand they could actually give a good argument if they weren't such a bunch of idiots, cannabis changes the chemistry of your head, it doest make you stupid it makes u slower because it raises the level of morpine in your brain as a chemical reaction, someone suffering from psychosis has this exact same reaction going on in their brain, when i used to first use it it was brilliant like we used just get hi and it was cool but now it really starts to mess with my head like i think its messed up my self confidence im often depressed i get paranoid and everything is just different. Now at this point its important to mention that the only weed we get is skunk and its strong stuff, (an interesting fact that you might not know is that nearly all of the cannabis sold in amsterdam is grown in england).
And the annoying thing is everyone who i know has got exactly the same problems but only a few people in the community are atually brave enuf to jus try and give it up and say this is crap, its stupid and it messes up ure head, the culture of weed is twisted since it started in the 60's and is completely built on ingorance. Im still gonna take e cos i go to raves alot and its fun and maybe sesh the trips every once in a while but i think im gonna stop smoking foreva, this may seem strange to alot of you but i think that people should stop and take a step back and look at all the misconceptions that society is giving about drugs like weed, anyone whos scared of drugs because of death is foolish u shuld be scared of drugs because they just change your head period. And this is coming from someone living in a country near to legalising cannabis, they no exactly the spychosis it can induce, the reason its gonna be eventually legalised cos they will get so much money fomr taxing it like they get fomr tobacco, its ridiculous.

Sorry that was a bit of a rant and some of it may not have made sense or been inaccurate but basically i think that people should not be so quick to put weed in a different seriousness to all the other drugs that are described as "hard drugs".
Oh yea and if you actually use Salvia Divinorium in a decent amountand of a decent strength then i can assure that you will trrrrrrrip like nothing u can possibly imagine theres no reason why it shuld be legal in comparioson to lsd or magic mushrooms it jsut dont last as long,
Drugs are bad but i do em cos thats the culture i got and im happy wit it, but i wuldnt advise doin em to neone, isn't that stupid? Neways i am interested in whateva someone has to say agianst all the stuff i jus sed and neone that agrees cos im sure my argument needs alot of refining, cheers


p.s I am totally not a hard core or iresponsible druggy or nething i have always looked into everything and spoken to alot of knowledgeable people about drugs beofer i tried em oh and i dont do addictive drugs, that i can generally afford hehe. peace.