Okay kiddies, Uncle Learner will tell you all about drugs. I used to drive 2 hrs to raves to pick up various substances to sell. For profit, no no young ones, to allow me to continue to use these same drugs. I have eaten 25 hits of LSD and snorted an 8ball of coke in a 5 minute period. Both were good.

I did a stupid study on myself. I spent 2 months on LSD non stop. I woke up and poped 2 tabs, 2 hrs later 2 more, and on I went. Now this made dealing a bit tough because money was hard to count while it is moving around in your hand. I smoked weed like it was a cigaret. It was just something to do. We didn't even consider it a drug really.

I used, coke, weed, LSD, crack, glass(we will get to that), crystal, Micro Dots, E, and some shit I never found out what it was. Here is the deal. Hit the rave with a pocket full of cash. Score anything and everything. You have to be smart though. By a small quantity first. Test the product. It's good? Go back before you are stupid high and buy him out. Now leave before the damn rave gets busted and before you can't drive.

Get home, no time for sleep call buddies(customers) set up sales, make sales you can now. Okay now it is noon and you have yet to sleep. Your mind is mush, but your body is in full on party mode. Mind just needs a kick. Snort Glass or crystal.

Glass - The most evil drug I have ever seen/used in my life. One line will keep you good for 3 days. I think it was realy ICE, but the dealers we got it from called it glass. Shards that cut you as you snort them. I am talking bad shit.

So I live this way for 3 years. Everyday was a party. One buz to the next. I seriously do not recognise faces from highschool because, well the last 2 years thier faces were distored by mind altering drugs in my head.

Holy shit, how did you turn out?

I was booted out of my families house. I moved in with this chick who's parents let me do whatever because they got free shit. I droped out of highschool. I worked at a resturant and was excited when I moved up to assitant cook(dealt to the staff too).

My father came to me one day and offered one of 2 things. 1.) An ass whiping. or 2.) Move back in and go to collage or join the millitary. My first whole sober month I was kinda confused. I did not know how to interact with anyone. I truely felt burnt. Month 2 was worse. Month 3 was a bit better and I had my GED and was talking to an ARMY recruiter. 9 months later I was in basic training. I tested almost perfect on the ASVAB test and had my pick of anyjob. I chose a communications feild.

I spent 4 drunk years in there. Got married landed a job at verizon for more than I ever thought I would make. I am now sharper than ever.

What I found out latter is you can actually learn things in a state of mind. In other words you can learn how to shoot pool awsome while drunk or coked out and suck at it sober. And the same is true of the opposite.

Drugs are bad. They cause your body to do things it normally would not do. Over time this will cause long term effects. You can however recover as my life is proof. I do not think I was ever addicted to anything accept these damn cigarets. These will be the death of me. That is just sad. Not crack, coke, crystal, glass, PCP... Nope cigarets...
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