so another guy who used the military instead of rehab. seems we ha alot in common sin.

i also used to stay screwed up for days at a time. one time when i was night shift manager at a restaurant (the hours were 12:00 am to 8:00am) i went to work on an 1/8th of shrooms and had to work the grill. i didn't eat meat for a long time after that.

but seriously when i read your post i saw alot of myself in it except that glass thing, i did a lot of meth. as a matter of fact one guy that i used to do meth with got convicted of murdering and raping a 13 year old boy after being awake and strung out for a week straight. yes this is the extreme but when it comes to meth not that extreme. And that i just reenlisted a year ago, and i'm in the Navy not the Army. i don't usually let people know that on these types of boards but what the hell. i believe that the people here don't care about that.

but as for all other drugs all doing them ever did for me was make me want more. when i enlisted all i had was a garbage bag full of clothes and a coke habit, now i have a paycheck 2 new cars (03 accord, '03 civic) 2 kids a wife and i am buying a house so yes you can be turned around, but for god sake don't think the military is the only way to do it because the only one who can do it is you. as a matter of fact 2 weeks ago my whole ship (i am on a carrier) had to go to an open court marshall where 15 junior sailors were all kicked out for failing a piss test. so no matter where you are you have to make the decision to kick.

and yes i was able to kick everything but cigs....Kool in the box here.
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