Yeah, Dell has been alternating deals online between a 700 dollar (600 after rebate) and an 850 dollar (700 after rebate) computer, with free shit that they take off slowly during the week. By the end of the week, all you get is free shipping. Then it changes to the other deal.

I don't have parts I can switch, except a keyboard and mouse I already have but there is a 20 dollar kb and m set that I like better. The reason is that I share this computer and I wanna buy my own.

You guys have been really helpful. My cousin bought everything in his system off of and told me some great prices he found on there. On or something like that, newegg had all good reviews, but I didn't check out other sites' reviews.

The main problem I see with ordering online (which is the only way I would go with building my own computer) is shipping taking longer than I have, or screwing up with compatibility like jon said, or the shipping pushing it over my limit.

I could just stomach some and go to the lan with a shitty computer, knowing that in five or six more weeks i could buy an alienware computer, which would rule. As they say on about guys with AW boxes, " He'll brag about the fact that he spent 6 or 7 grand on it, and others will criticize him for spending a ridiculous amount on a flashy designer computer that would cost half as much if you bought it anywhere else, when deep down inside, you know you want one too."

I'm not very good with hardware, which is why I asked for help. I am definately going to check out the sites you guys suggested.