that quote is almost true. I wouldn't want an alienware computer for that kind of price - even if I had the money. There's something about building your own computer, and knowing that at any time you may swap out a part or two to make it that much more kick ass. Many people who want a faster computer starts looking into buying a new computer. In my case, if I wanted faster than 1.8 gigahertz, all I have to do is buy that supa fast 3.0 gigahertz AMD I see at pricewatch for 552 bucks, and plug it in. Or for something more cost effective, I could buy a 2.5 for 173. Shoot, before installing my 1.5 gigs of ram and second harddrive, my computer only cost me 480 bucks. Course, that doesn't include monitor, speakers, and other peripherals.
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