Hi everyone.

I am just getting started in hacking, with a current concrete motivation: I want to learn how to watch, interpret, and use information in my LAN network. In particular, and as a startup challenge, I'd like to retrieve every single password users on my LAN have for Hotmail, Facebook, Youtube, etc., and their windows login password.

The LAN I'm describing is that of a small business where I work, so the users are always the same.

I just saw some videos about Ettercap, and I have downloaded the Windows version. Since I understand Windows sucks for the purpose, i have also installed CYGWIN and I'm starting to learn some basic commands. I'm on my way to installing Ettercap also within CYGWIN.

What I need, if someone is willing to help this noob retard, is a walktrhough.

As a side note, I started using Ettercap (windows) yesterday, and it worked to a certain extent. I was able to ARP poison a local computer which i also had access to; able meaning [1] I attacked Target 1 (victim computer) and Target 2 (server IP), [2] I checked 'arp -a' in the victim computer in order to verify the poisoning had taken place and [3] ran the ettercap poison check pluggin with success.

Nevertheless, when I entered a facebook and hotmail username and password in the victim computer, Ettercap failed to retrieve those passwords.

Additionally, I was only able to perform poisoning in promisc 'unified sniffing' mode. Whenever I used the subtler mode, poisoning failed. Being advised from the tutorial videos that promisc mode was agressive on servers, I tried 'poison only one way', resulting in succesful poisoning in the victim computer in the extent above said (arp -a checking the victim computer), but again ethercap failed to retrieve passwords.

Evidently, the times i've tried to poison both targets, server included, with promisc mode, the poisoning didn't last long because the administrator responded by reseting the server.

If anyone is willing i'd very much appreciate some help.