the only reason i have heard from bush is that he wants to save big companies money but what he doesnt care about is the fact that he's going to fuck over the rest of the country.

put it this way: if the average person makes $7/hr and work 40hrs a week in 1 week so that means they make $280 and that's before taxes after taxes it's $196. but if that peson does 5 hours of over time they'll make a total of $332.50 before taxes and $232.75 after taxes. but with out that over time pay for 45 hrs of work they would only get $315 before taxes and $220.50 after. that's $12.15 less when lossing time and a half pay though some places pay double time and a half. but in this country every penny counts. that's $12.15 more for bills, cloths, food, education... as the hours add up so does the money lost and so is time lost from ur family.

what if some one works 50 hrs a week at $7hr. that's $245 with out over time with over time pay it jumps to $269.50. that's $24.50 more.

do ya get my point? i hope so...
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