Do you guys really believe this shit you are saying. I have to admit I donít like a lot of things that Bush has done but do you really think that Gore would have been better he is an idiot with a capitol I. Remember he invented the internet. To be honest the only thing I do like Bush is his foreign policy. I say whoever took down those towers or whoever helped them or whoever was cheering in the streets when they fell LINE THIR ASS UP TO GET KICKED. What I really donít like about Bush is his attack on civil liberties but be honest with yourself are the Democrats for more Liberty? Hell no. All I see any government officials do is take away Liberty. The only party that supports more liberty is the Libertarians and they donít stand a chance in hell getting elected because they are not giving handouts to everybody like everybody else. The corporations support the Republicans and labor unions and people wanting handouts support the Democrats. So what the hell its hopeless lets move to South America.