Originally posted by Masked_Bandit:
You cannot argue with stupidity and you obviously have the IQ of an ice cube. We are NATO and if we ever left the group it would dissolve. I can see that you want to say whatever you want with no decent since the first post someone didnít agree with you, you started the personal attacks. As to the topic that started all this I agree if they stop OT I will be pissed.
First off, if you ever harass one of my members in this fashon again I will ban you; second off, if you ever harass my WIFE like that again I'll fly to your home and beat you senseless.

Everyone on the board deserves to be able to post with dignety and respect, obviously neither of which you can comprehend, so if you're going to be a little prick you can go elsewhere, we survived without you for so long, you won't be missed.

We are not NATO, NATO is an organization that we helped create, any parties can vote other parties out of the structure, perhaps you should go look it up little boy.

And no one cares if you're pissed, it's not your board in the first place.
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