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The Bush administration furthermore says the rules will only affect salaried, white-collar office workers who do not perform manual labor"
"Relatively low-salary earners who have supervisory responsibilities or management-related responsibilities would be penalized, as would workers with advanced education or specialized training. Some of the jobs affected could be jobs police officers, nurses, retail managers, insurance claims adjusters and medical therapists hold.

Employees not covered by the new rules also could be hurt: By reclassifying many of their workers as exempt from overtime pay, employers most likely would assign overtime only to them and eliminate overtime for other workers."

...BTW, I think nurses would disagree with the fact that they are labeled as "white-collar office workers who do not perform manual labor" What do you call wiping asses and waiting on bastard sick people all day? A tea party? Of course Bush would know nothing about that because he has time enough to go on his wonderful vacation ever other week instead of being concerned with OUR country that he has turned upside down, not to mention turning the few friends we had against us all for what? So he could get back at the one who threatened his daddy. He wants to support the causes listed, great! How about he quits giving our money to other countries? How about he takes a pay cut, he's making $400,000 a year to fuck America's reputation(http://www.govspot.com/know/preside
ntsalary.htm)and is already a millionaire, I think he can afford it. Taxpayers support this country, why the fuck not take away the overtime pay so the rich bastards can get richer. Sounds like a hell of an idea. Well, as long as you're rich, and I'm not. So, fuck that idea.

Let's see how much money Bush has.

George Jr.'s Financial History

1978 Founded Arbusto Energy with $17,500 from his education trust fund and $3 million in funds from family friends and backers of Bush Sr's political aspirations. They made no money but got tax writeoffs so they were quite happy.
1979 James Bath, a close family friend, pays $50,000 for 5% of Arbusto. Bath was U.S. representative for Salem bin Laden, Osama's wealthy Saudi father.
1982 George W renames bankrupt company Bush Exploration, sells 10% to Philip Uzielli for $1,000,000, and takes company public to raise $1,400,00.
1984 Bush Exploration (broke again) merges with Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation, owned by William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds. Bush becomes CEO, gets 16.3%, and a salary of $75K. Reynolds is now ambassador to Switzerland.
1986 Spectrum 7, nearly bankrupt, is acquired by Harken Energy Corp. Bush receives 227,000 shares of Harken stock and is made director and consultant to the company at up tp $120K salary, $600k in stock options and a couple of hundred thousand in free or forgiven loans.
1987 Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) provides $25 million cash infusion. Saudi Sheik Abdullah Bakhsh joins the board with 17.6% ownership.
1989 Harken hides losses by selling Aloha Petroleum, a susidiary to insiders for 12 million, $12 million of which a loan held by Harken. The $8 million (supposed) profit on the sale is counted as Harken income by Arthur Andersen, the accountant.
1989 DeWitt and Reynolds help Bush buy the Texas Rangers for $86 million. Bush invests $500K (borrowed on his Harken stock), gets 10% and becomes the public half of a general management duo with Rusty Rose. A new $135M stadium is built with taxpayer money for the team which it eventually owns.
1989 At a December meeting of the Board of Directors of Harken, George W signs off on use of a recently created Cayman Island subsidiary to pursue company's $25 million contract to drill for oil off the coast of Bahrain.
1990 In January, Bahrain signs a exclusive oil drilling with Harken to the surprise of analysts. Harken stock shoot up in value.
1990 At March 14 Harken Board of Director's meeting, Bush is appointed as the chairman of a board committee to investigate the restructuring of $12 million in secured notes held by the group of Harken insiders who, in 1989, purchased the Aloha Petroleum subsidiary from Harken. Board also approves sale of Aloha.
1990 June 22: W. sells his Harken stock for $848,560 - two weeks before $23 million in losses revealed. He pays the Rangers loan out of the proceeds.
1990 In July, Aloha Petroleum sold to Advance Petroleum Marketing which relieves the associated debt. Advance Petroleum was owned by David Halbert who had invited GWB to invest $10k or so in Allied Home Pharmacy several years earlier which yielded GWB up to a million in 96.
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait
1991 April: SEC investigates GWB for failing to report Insider Trading of Harken Energy stock. The investigation was led by James Doty, a friend and businees lawyer for Bush in the past.
1993 October: GWB asks for letter from the SEC regarding the investigation. The letter, signed by SEC Associate Director Bruce A. Hiler, specifically refuses to exonerate him or to preclude further SEC actions.
1994 GWB Elected Governor of Texas
1998 GWB sells his Advance stock and his Rangers stock for 16 million.
2000 In an unprecedented extra-constitutional action, GWB was appointed President of the United Staes of America by justices appointed during his father's executive tenure despite the fact that his opponent had clearly won the election.


He's got a hell of a lot more money than I do, why doesn't he start throwing some of his money around.

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boys lie.

No we do not!!!!