Anarchy = The absense of a government.

Yeah, it sounds like a good idea. There is no government but somehow everyone gets along and survives well. That's the Utopian view. No rules, but everyone is civil.

Realistically, it would never happen. People need leadership and rules, and people need to lead and make rules.

Yeah, it's also chaos. Nowadays it's used generally for when someone ignores the rules, since in effect there are none. A riot? Anarchy.

Kids breaking shit and deciding to wreck their school? Dumbasses.

Listen, a utopian society existing in anarchy would never work.
Blowing aerosal cans up in order to get rid of authority is pointless and stupid.
My advice is to forget about anarchy. Spend some more time reading books(I'd recommend Hobbes and Locke, in addition to Plato. May as well read Machiaveli, too.) Then, when you actually know something about the world and political philosphies, reexamine anarchy. Then you'll understand.

I repeat: All you want to do know is call yourself anarchist because it's 'cool' and 'counter-culture' and you like to cause trouble. Fucking childish and stupid.

And about the 'hacker philosophy:' fuck it. Some people like to free information and code, some people like the thrill of hacking a server, some people like to program, some people like to cause trouble. The hacker society is unorganized and, for the most part, extremely diverse. There are loads of different definitions of what a hack er is, so until you can get a single definition for the word, fuck anyone that spouts off about some philosophy.
Do what you enjoy and think is right.
You like the idea of free information. That is a good thing, many other people do. Learn more about computers, learn more about, well, a lot of things. Don't try and prescribe to some philosophy though, make your own god damn beliefs and ideas.

Heh, feel free to atack.
"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."