I'm a freshman in college and I'm taking English 100 right now. I was expecting a rather pointless GE class that I had to take for the mere reason that it's a prerequiste for much of the higher level courses. However, I was not expecting what I got. My teacher's a homosexual, which is his business, and when he announced it to the class, I was rather suprised and wondered why that would matter to us at all. His sexual prefrence didn't matter to me in the slightest. In the weeks to come, I realized why he told us. The entire class is structred around homosexuality. The list of books we were able to choose from were almost all about homosexual teenagers or something along those lines. I say most becuase there were a couple about pedefiles in there as well. The movie we watched in class had blatant homosexuality laced throughout the entire movie. There was a very graphic scene where two men made out. Do you think it's right (or morol or ethical or whatever) for this teacher to use a GE class that has nothing to do with homosexuality in this way?
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