I titled this thread work because basically this is what it is about, but it also covers relationships, and money.

Here's the story, my wife is an assistant director at a child development center. She has a Master's in Education Leadership and Advocacy, and 10 years experience. The director of the center just took another job within the company thus leaving here spot open. If my wife were to interview for the job and get it she would be gauranteed at least a $15000 a year pay raise an up to $20000. Sounds great right? Wrong She doesn't want to take the job, "Because it
is to much responsibility," and she wouldn't enjoy it. So...I told her fine if she didn't want the job then she didn't have to take it, but she would not have the right to bitch about money anymore because she has an opportunity to increase our household income by a third and she won't do it. I also told her that as a man and the head of the household I was envious that she could just throw away $15000 a year more money, because if it were me in that position she would expect me to take the job.
So here is the debate part:
1) Am I being unreasonable when I say that since she is not going to even attempt to get this promotion she has no call on bitching when we are short between paydays (to clarify we always have what we need, and so do the boys, but usually not a lot extra.

2)Is it sexist to say that as a man, I would not have a choice as to wether to try for the promotion or not.

I say debate because I'm sure that men and women will feel differently on this.
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