Which is better?

I say Jackass, even though I saw Steve-O on WildBoyz Fertile female salmon eggs with salmon sperm, he got a facile from the salmon, and he was doing so in his mouth:X then he threw up in the stream Bam in Viva La Bam, made a moat, and a draw bridge for his over weight family members coming for a party, at his front door, and a castle wall. Then a elephant came in, then two cooked pigs on boards, gold goblets of beer, and plates of ribs. They brought this all in, by grapple hooking one of the walls, and ripping it down with the elephant.

But...On jackass, they had a cup challenge, 1-6. 1. kids kicking Knoxville in the cup, 2. tennis ball shooter, 3. cro-k/ the ball | mallet game, 4. sledge hammer drop from chest, then head, 5. 8 ball drop from 5-6 stories up into a alley where he sat...heh nuff said there. Then they had a guy with a target on him getting hit, beat, kicked, all kinds of shit. Now people from each are in each show, but I think jackass is now repeats?

Maybe they just pull all three shows, I dunno. Weeman was the target guy. He's now motocross running, with a big guy. OMG they just had a dog attack scene on. Knoxville has bam go in, in a bunny suit, in one scene he jumps a thing, and the dog grabs the bunny head off him shreds it a fare bit, then goes str8 back for bam's arm.

Now steve-o is going to snort a earth worm, hock it down his throat, and then try to make it to come out his mouth. dood, he's never done that...that was almost better then the gold fish from way back...no wait..heh that was like 5 minutes long, and the gold fish lived, heh he threw up liek 5-6 times. That was a good show back when. But yea the question is Which? Give info on why, and maybe some good show info if you like. Heh laughs are good.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"