I've used both DSL and Cable in the same apartment.

In the next apartment over I got speeds like this on DSL:

Max DL: 150KB/s of 192KB/s bandwidth
Max UP: 13KB/s of 16KB/s bandwidth

Then I moved to this apartment and got shitty downloads which don't even need to be mentioned. Now I use cable and this is my speeds:

Max DL: 192+KB/s of 192KB/s bandwidth
Max UP: 14KB/s of 16KB/s bandwidth

since then comcast upgraded the upload
Max UP: 31KB/s of 32KB/s bandwidth

This is just my ISP though. Comcast seems to be pretty good about keeping their users from going over their cap limit. Many other cable providers are more lax and you can see skyrocketing speeds. DSL is practically as fast, but not as efficient of your bandwidth.

The comment on internal networks... Only foreign countries get this problem. On DSL or Cable you can host services in the US, unless some oddball cheapass service here feels like doing otherwise.

Cable all the way.
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