I personally do not believe in Intelligent Design, I do see how some find comfort in the idea of a creator figure. While there is scientific backing for evolution, I find stronger evidence for a new theory that will revolutionize the idea of "Origin" forever. I call it "Dumbass Design". The tennents of Dumbass Design are simple and very well understood. They'd have to be ofcourse because unfortunatly most people are themselves Dumbasses. Morons and douchebags are unfortunatly the majority of the population, we can see too prime examples in this thread. Namely Frank and Paulpierce34. Note the poor sentence structure and lack of any contributing information. This is mostly seen in the subspecies Homo Dipshitus Fucktaruds (or HMF for the rest of this rant). HMF are characterized by short replies full of bad information, unchecked facts, and ofcourse just saying some fucking stupid ass shit. HMF's also have very little commonsense and very slow learners. This is supported by the fact that they don't learn from their previous mistakes or from previous displays of stupidity. No students, I'm afraid these goddamn motherfucking douchebags are thicker then your momma's ass. They continue to drone on and on about stupid shit under the false guise of actually contributing to intelligent conversation. Unfortunatly this brand of lesser human is beyond any help whatsoever. The good news is that they eventually die out from lack of attention.

"But Professor Defcon" you may ask "What does this have to do with Dumbass Design?". Well, it's like this really, if Darwin's theory of evolution is correct then why are there so many HDF's around? They are obviously not the fittest, so how is it that they survive? Clearly this proves that there must be a creator out there. This creator obviously has good intentions but on occasion makes horrific mistakes. Clearly this creator is fallable and capable of screwing up as much as the rest of us. The only concerning issues is the SCALE to which s/he screws up. How does evolution support the Macintosh computer, for example. Obviously such a terrible machine triumphed by Steve Jobs, who btw is clearly just a money grubbing douchebag, should not have survived. Ofcourse HDFs are drawn to Macintoshes like flies to shit, but clearly the creator screwed up big time. The same goes for the shitty ass band from Dublin known as U2. It's clear that these guys do indeed suck ass. If it wasn't for their legions of dumbass dryhumping diaperwearing fans they would have died out years ago. The creator was obviously trying to create some kind of tone deaf treeslug when he created Bono and his league of fucktard fans. One could also point out New Coke and George Bush as examples of Dumbass Design as well.

Now I don't want this lecture to become a debate, since obviously you dumb motherfuckers are going to drone on about how U2 rules or that I am an asshole. I'd like to point out that unfortunatly that's not debating, that's instead acting like a five year old. Debates really don't solve anything and no one usually comes away with a different prespective. Nope Frank and Paul, you both are dipshits and aren't going to learn a thing from this lecture. When this topic is closed (and it probably soon will be once you stupid motherfuckers start the "typed diarrhea", grow up losers) for the love of the Flying Spagetti Monster don't start another goddamn thread. It's very annoying and is not going to earn you any respect around here.

In closing the very fact that you newbish retards are here proves without a shadow of a doubt that there IS a creator and he indeed FUCKED UP BIG TIME.

Class dismissed, Bitches
"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually fucking with Mitsubishi!"
- Jello Biafra