wow, ur not very intelligent. I wont talk about Bono b/c thats not what this thread is about. I do not see any issue with short responses ... just b/c i have other things to be working on, say a math test i have to take tomorrow, i try to give the shortest, most to the point answers possible.

also, this is a skill learned in debate, where you get to the point, dont ramble on, and dont act like a fucking hypocritcal elitist bastard

you are really the one that has added nothing to this forum. Some of us were actually intereseted in discussing this topic, but instead you turn around and decide to lash out at people, just b/c they want to discuss an idea, an idea of which 66% of americans believe in today. I personally do not know if I believe in any parts of Intelligent Design or not, but I do, however, believe in evolution (no one has been able to disprove it even once, while they have recreated the creation of the first RNA 4+ billion years ago). Because of the large number of people who believe in ID, I felt it would be an intersting topic to discuss

Many people in my debate class and around the country, are arguing that we should teach ID in order to teach to a classroom the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. the theory being evolution, the hypothesis being ID. the difference is that a theory is falsifiable, meanning it can be tested for wrongness. ON the other hand, ID is just a statement, no way to prove or disprove it, and is therefore not science nor is it a theory.

That is what I was hoping for. I do not see the relevance of your rant, although you are entitled to it. As many people have said before, if you have something to say, but its a personal attack that really has nothing to do with the topic being discussed, EITHER SHUT THE FUCK UP OR POST IT SOMEHWERE ELSE OR EMAIL ME

so yeah, class is over, u fucking elitist dipshit