Well, can't have a preacher and an 8yo in the same place, so I decided that we'd need a man of the cloth...

Another tossup was the teacher or the Archetict, but the archetict won... Mainly because we had a college professor in the other group...

Historian - Someone who knows the past, what other reason?
College Professor - He should know his shit, or he'll be voted off the island
Musician - Music is the gateway to the soul
Scientist - if I need some meth, who else do i need to turn to in the group?

Secretary - We can get a little "you want a raise" action
High School Cheerleader - She'd be a HS student, thus young and able to be able to have a longer lifeline after the incodent (theoretically)
Chef - We need someone to cook don't we?
Artist - Art, art, and more art! Art of the destruction mainly ...
Architect - We'll probably need to rebuild no?
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