Football Player - Strength and good DNA most likely.
This is why many women are atracted to muscle, it
usally means good breading
Scientist - This is brains, someone who can see things through if they went to collage 6 to 8 years. Could help with radiation poisioning
Naval Officer - Best of both worlds, brains and he is fit. Naval officers I am assuming young one here, are smart, fit men. This is good for breeding.
College Professor - Brain power for bloodlines, also might have some smarts as to how to re-build.
Musician - Need some sort of art to pass on. a song for people to get behind and focus on and not thier pain and suffering.

High School Cheerleader - Young fit and ready to birth.
Teacher - Brain power to help come up with plans and filter into DNA pool
Architect - Re-building and someone who can see things through
Air Force Pilot - Same as Naval Officer
Housewife - She has new life. This will be born in 3 months then she can do it again. We know she is working up till now. No Guarentee on the others.

The kids, I am sorry to say, bring nothing to the table but chaos, and fear for them. Grant it the wife will fear for her un-born baby, but no one else can see or hear it's cries yet. This could make a big difference in 3 months in the tank
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