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Atleast some of us we can agree with our choices, but obviously there are a lot of people in the group that are pretty much useless anyway you look at it.

Policeman with Gun, whoopty fuckin doo, the cop has a pistol. Do you really want one guy armed in the bunker for 3 months, 3 months is a long time to be in close quarters with 11 people (10 people plus you) do we really need to factor in a gun. Plus pistols pretty much suck when it comes to protection and hunting.

Truck Driver, yup driving a truck is one hell of a skill for being in a bunker for 3 months. When you do emerge, how the hell do you even know if any trucks actually survived. What about fuel and logistics, pretty much screw this person.

8 year old kids, probably couldn't handle being in the bunker for three months. Emotional and mental trauma will probably make functioning in the new society difficult. Kids are high a lot of work and use up a lot of resources while bringing absolutely nothing to the table. More or less a liability and have a low chance of survival after the bunker opens.

Grandmother, old, senile, past her prime reproduction wise, like the children she has a low rate of survival and really a liability. You've lived a long life granny, why not take one for the team.
That's what I based my assessments on ...
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