Yep. I took anyone young enough to live a while, yet old enough to procreate. The gun is a bad thing in a metal bunker. Say someone flips out, cop takes him out. BANG BANG.

Okay, bullets bounce around a bit, and wound 2 to 3 other people. Plus cops have a bleak outlook on life most of the time. They see the scum of the earth all day everyday. Not who I want around as the world dose the REM song. (This is the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine...)

Kids, they have thier uses. They could get in areas the rest could not. But no one would send an 8 year old on a dangerous mission. They can not procreate and would not be able to for about 6 to 8 years.

Granny, yea she will understand. She might not like it but she knows what she has to offer compared to the rest. The cop if he wanted to enter would have at least lost the gun. Truckdriver, yea I think of the best in scociety when I think of them. Sorry dude. Janitor... NEXT!!! Preacher, ummm go find the 8 year old boy. Accountant, and what money will we be counting? He exisists to propel a system that will be dead when the doors open. Sales Executive same as accountant. But I would let her blow me to convince me. Chef, yea see we will not be eating 5 star food when the door opens. I can cook dead meat. Secretary - pointless
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