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(like my fark icemyst?)
His face is too bright; but other than that it's a great job ...

Personally I don't feel that he should go to World court; he went and fixed an error of previous judgement by placing Osoma and Saddam in power to begin with; basically going back to the fact that we should keep our noses out of other peoples business
Now Gizmo, rember these errors were errors his daddy and his daddys boss made. Osama, and Sadam came into power helped by the US during the late 70's (Sadam) to early 80's Osama.

George Bush Sr was head of the entire CIA before being US vice president. There is that shadow government you were talking about. So a man walks out of a protected controling seat and into the public eye with little or no true power as a VP.

I have a feeling that in decadeas to come people will talk about the Bush presidencys like we talk about the keneddy assasination. There is some really screw stuff here. I mean I keep thinking.

We were in the middle east all throughout Regan and, Bush's prescidency. Clinton years barely heard about it. Now we are back over there in mass numbers.

That is 12 years under Regan and Bush sr. 8 under Clinton, Now another 8 under Bush jr.?
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