Kerry will hopefully loose or I'm moving to Canada...
Not sure that makes sense.. Kerry will make us socialist, but Canada already is. Try moving to..... dang it, there are no capitalist coutries left..

World Court, please, the US has done whatever the fuck it wants, whenever the fuck it wants without fear or retrobution from the international community.
It won't happen. The "international community" for the most part wouldn't get involved (sure, France has a dumbass president, but that's an exception). Besides, it would be a bad idea to put the president up against an international court. If he's tried, it needs to be in US.

NO only did he lie to the world, he lied to the people of the united states.
There's actually quite a bit of evidence that he recieved bad intellegence, and /didn't/ ask for a reason to attack Iraq. His intellegence told him it was a "slam dunk".

NOTE: Don't take this the wrong way. If you feel like I support Bush, refer to my previous post..
Those who say do not know.
Those who know do not say.