Well - Actually there has been reports that the CIA told Bush many, many times in advance and while the war was on, that there was not enough evidence to attack Iraq based on the facts they had recieved. That we had a shot in hell to find WMD. The head of the CIA even said that he was told to keep quite about these facts and go with the President. Which is contrary to what an Intellegence Agency is suppose to be for.

Kerry and Bush - they are both one in the same. Any government that would take advantage of any cituation (9/11), public hysteria and fear to write in a law (Patriot Act) that makes the government more centralized and allows our rights to be revoked - then after a year shoved the PA under the covers and have us forget about it - is wrong, and shouldn't be let to be in power anymore. That is a vast abuse of power. Kerry's suppose to be so liberal - yeah? Really? Then why does he support the PA? Oh, that's right, he has a political aggenda - that is far more important to him than the rights of the people.

I won't be voting for either candidate. I want a president who cares about the best interest America and the American people more than his political career or party offiliation.
Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
-George Orwell